Young Mothers From Chisinau Fuck With Brother-in-law

Young Mothers From Chisinau Fuck With Brother-in-law

Mary’s mind reeled at the feelings and thoughts of what had just happened, was it really true?   Had Michael just proposed to her?   He still was before her, still on one knee, could this be real?   Or was it just a dream?   They had only met the evening before, and yet she felt a bond for this knight in his pure white uniform that was unmistakable, she truly felt love, not the passionate sexual love she had had with Bret, something more, a love that came from within her heart and soul.   Mary extended her hand to the kneeling man of her dreams and as he took it in his own he stood, their eyes tied together in that moment of sweet reality.   They came together slowly in an embrace as if showcased in a good romantic movie, one that would be for all time one of the greatest moments in history.   He brushed his lips across hers lightly and she squeezed him tightly to her, not wanting the moment to end.   They parted and stood transfixed in each others glance of heart pounding love.   He said “I have to go and change out of this uniform, I don’t want to be separated from you, but I must for a brief moment.”   She smiled and said “Only if you must, I’ll wait for your return.”   He returned the warmth of her smile and walked to his car, got in and drove away into the early morning light of the east.   She stood and watched till he disappeared from her view, still in disbelief of what had happened; her legs shook from the shock and joy of it, her heart raced at the thought of becoming Mrs. Michael Cross.   She could hardly walk as she reentered the house, Nicole and Ace were in the bedroom ‘preparing’ him for the mission, and in other words he was finishing getting her off before he flew away.   Mary could hear the excited squeal of delights as Ace once again shoved his meat into her willing snatch, and then heard a loud grunt from him as well.   She went to the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee and sat at the table to wait for Nicole to come out.   She had all but finished her coffee when she heard Ace scurry from the door and race away in his car, but she heard no sign of Nicole coming out to talk.   She was so excited that she couldn’t wait and got up, marched to the bedroom and burst through the door.   Nicole was lying prone on the bed, apparently passed out from the massive orgasm.   A giggle came in a low murmur from Mary’s mouth, her beautiful young friend laid nude, spread eagled on the bed, face up for the whole world to see, she went over and flopped down next to her, much too excited to wait for her slumber to end.   Even the bouncing of the bed didn’t stir Nicole; she was truly ‘dead to the world’.   Mary lay there wondering how to get her friend to awaken so she could tell her the good news.   She conceived a plan.   She got up and walked to the dresser, surely Nicole had what was needed to arouse her friend, somewhere in the disarrayed jumble of her drawers.   The first was t-shirts, mostly black, but nothing else.   The second proved more interesting, filled with a variety of thongs, panties and bras, but still not what was required.   The third was filled with nothing but socks, how boring, she thought.   “One more to go” she muttered under her breath.   As she opened the bottom drawer she saw what she sought, a treasure trove of adult play toys, everything from ropes, silken scarves, gags and handcuffs to butt plugs and dildos of varying sizes and descriptions.   She quietly riffled through the myriad of toys and tossed some on the floor beside her kneeling frame.   She thought of things she could do to, and for, Nicole that would get her awake, aroused and most certainly her attention as she found various items.   “Uh huh, this will do…..Oh my, she’ll really like this one…..Uhmmmm, I may have to try this myself if I can’t get her up soon.”   She grasped the items she had decided on and moved to the side of the bed.   Once there she gently laid the items on the bed and started her task, “first is the binding” she thought as she grabbed up two sections of rope and moved to the foot of the bed to gently but securely fasten loops of rope to her ankles and then to the framework of the bed.   Nicole didn’t even stir, she was still in the la-la land of her post climactic never land.   Mary moved to one side and then the other of the bed, tying loops of rope around each wrist and pulling them taught enough that even if Nicole had wanted to move she would remain fully spread eagled on the bed.   The last of the items required a bit more finesse; she needed to be naked herself, so stepped back and watched her sleeping friend as she stripped the clothing from herself.   As she stood removing her clothes she looked over at the full length mirror on the door, went to it and swung the door to allow her reflection to be visible.   She was now fully nude herself and let her hands glide over the fullness of her breasts, a perfect 32 DD, how tender they felt this morning, she could still feel his lips and tongue caressing the textures of her areolas and nipples.   Her long brown hair, though still a bit messy from the lack of a brush after her lovemaking was shining in the early morning light as it passed through the window behind her.   She flung it from side to side and watched the waves of locks flow with the ease and simplicity of her grace.   She watched through her brilliant blue eyes as her hands lowered to the slim waist of her figure and then to her firm hips.   She turned and gazed at the tight rounded mounds of her arse, running her hands across each one as she prepared herself to awaken Nicole.   She took long enough to slip two fingers over her sore but wanton labia and into her moist canal gently, probing the depths to flick across her g-spot and arouse herself.   A moan escaped her lips and she stopped, she would get enough pleasure out of what she planned for Nicole.   She turned and returned to the bed, crawling up onto the surface between her sleeping friend’s legs.   She rose up onto her knees and put the strap-on device, a well proportioned dildo with a tight fitting leather gauntlet to keep it in place, the phallus was about ten inches and very, very thick. Now came the hard part, she must insert the plug into Nicole’s arse without fully waking her until it was in place.   She decided that it wasn’t that important if she awakened or not, so lowered herself laying face first between her friend’s thighs.   She began with tender kisses along the inner thigh, caressing them with her fingers as well, her lips moved ever so slowly toward the worn, but beautiful pussy before her.   She knew that Nicole had never had ‘enough sex,’ and would surely appreciate another orgasm.   She chuckled to herself as her tongue found the swollen orb of Nicole’s clitoris and began flicking it lightly.   She moved downward and used her own spittle to wet the labia and then the tight ring of her sphincter, pushing ever harder with the tip of it, probing the inner walls of the muscle.   She felt and heard a moan from her friend; it was time to move forward.   She took the slender tool into her mouth and wet it well with her spit and pushed the tip to Nicole’s back door entrance.   Nicole moved slightly at the feeling of invasion, but too late, Mary thrust it inward to the base of the three inch device.   Nicole squirmed in disbelief of what was being done to her, but said nothing, only raised her head and saw she was in the company of a true friend; she didn’t have the energy to fight the onslaught of physical pleasure.   Mary turned on the switch and the plug began its rhythmic hum as it vibrated in the interior of Nicole’s ass.   Mary returned to Nicole’s pussy, it needed further attention now, to complete the arousal.   She began sucking and taunting her clit and then engulfed all of the petals of her labia into her mouth, forcing her tongue deeply into the wet looseness of her vaginal walls.   She could feel the pleasures as they began to build in Nicole’s abs, breasts and legs.   Nicole strained for a moment at the ropes that bound her firmly in place, but still said nothing.   As Nicole began her low moans of satisfaction Mary raised up on her knees, revealing the large, extremely textured dildo she was wearing, Nicole looked up and saw what was about to happen, took a deep breath and laid her head back onto the bed, awaiting the penetration.   Mary made short work of it, since Nicole wasn’t going to talk, she was going to fuck her until she did, or passed out, whichever came first.   She lowered her hips and inserted the head of the massive tool into the canal, it was wet enough that the slippery sides offered no resistance and Mary plowed it in to the hilt, pulled it out and repeated the process several times.   Nicole’s panting breath became glaringly obvious, her large breast were heaving up and down frantically as she tried to gasp for air with the onslaught of yet another orgasm, her eighth or ninth for the day, and it was still early in the morning.   As Mary’s rhythm found a pace that was good for them both Nicole looked into her eyes and said “What’s up?   Why are you fucking me like this babe?   You know I just got off with Ace.”   Mary pulled the dildo out of her canal, leaned down and pulled the plug from her ass, turning off the small motor as she did and knelt between Nicole’s trembling thighs, looking straight into her eyes.   “Michael asked me to marry him” she blurted out without a thought as to the impact the proclamation would have.   Nicole tried to spring up to hug her friend, but was still restrained and fell back before she got anywhere at all.   “Seriously, he asked you to marry him?   How cool is that?   Mary flung herself atop Nicole’s body full length, kissing her excitedly on the mouth.   As she took her lips from Nicole’s she said “Way cool.”   She got up from the bed and began untying Nicole, she had gotten her attention for sure, there was no way she would fall back asleep now.   After she had untied her friend Mary stood and removed the dildo strap on from her hips, flinging it at Nicole jokingly and said “Girl, you are hard to get to wake up after just one little O” and burst into a belly laugh.   Nicole looked at the implement and said “It aint near as big as Ace’s cock you know, why didn’t you get the big one out to bring me back to life right?”   They both roared with laughter at the thought of Mary wielding a 15 inch cock.   Nicole was not only fully awake, but ready to return the favor and picked up the strap-on.   Mary wagged her head and said “I had the real thing about an hour ago, about that size too.   I’m willing to wait till he gets back for some more of it; I’m going to go take a shower.   Want to join me?”   Nicole nodded and they both retired to the bath room to clean up for the day.   Though it wasn’t totally without some touching and playful teasing, the shower was tame compared to the recent activities they had both enjoyed, once washed and dried they each got dressed in some casual clothes and went to the kitchen, another cup of coffee sounded in order.   They sat at the breakfast table and talked out all the details of Michael and Mary’s night of sex and lustful love.   Mary was so excited when she got to the proposal she could barely contain herself and about hyperventilated.   “Calm down girl” Nicole said, “Just tell me the details, it is so romantic.”   Mary caught her breath and sat calmly and told the story, no embellishments, just the straight facts.   Nicole was suitably impressed.   Mary added to the excitement when she asked Nicole to be the ‘matron of honor’, which of course she accepted.   It was about 11:00 by the time they got done talking and they heard a car
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drive up in the driveway, it sounded familiar, yes it was that for sure, Michael had returned.   Mary wanted to run to the door and greet him but Nicole held her at bay saying “He’ll get here, he came this far, he can either knock or come in by himself, don’t be so damned easy.”   A knock sounded from the front door, Mary got up and walked to open it for her lover, her new friend, and fiancé, her knight in a white uniform.   As she opened the door he entered and they moved to the living room, Nicole already there waiting for them.   She gestured for him to sit on the couch next to her saying “I’ve got some questions for you young sir” in a demanding voice.   Mary couldn’t help but snicker at the tone of her voice, his face was covered in a smile that couldn’t be wiped off with a wire brush.   But, he did indeed sit down next to Nicole, with Mary on the other side of him, of course.   Nicole looked at him with a straight face and asked “What are your intentions for my best friend sir?”   He roared with laughter until he decided it was a serious question and then with a firm solid voice replied “I’m going to marry this beautiful woman, and keep her safe for the rest of our lives.”   Nicole cleared her throat “hea..hea..hea That is not what I meant sir, can you keep her satisfied in bed, or wherever and however else she might choose to be pleasured for the rest of your lives?”   He gazed at her with astonishment, paused for almost a minute before saying “I Do” with all the reverence of a marriage ceremony. “Then you have my blessings sir, welcome to the family” she replied.   Mary had sat almost silently during the conversation, a minor chuckle at the right spots, but listening was treating enough for her.   She threw her arms around his shoulders and planted a big wet kiss on him, he returned it in kind.   Nicole giggled “Why don’t you two get a room?” They both turned and looked at her, and without a word got up and walked to the room Mary was assigned to sleep in during the visit slamming the door as they went.   Nicole yelled aloud, “Just kidding.”    But they didn’t return, instead sat on the bed and cuddled each other for the next two hours, murmuring sweet nothings to each other, meaningless words except to those truly in love.   They set a date for the wedding; it would be in his home town in Texas two weeks from that day, so long as the chapel was available.     He retrieved his cell phone and started the arrangements immediately. His mother wanted to talk to Mary, of course, and they visited for about ten minutes about basically nothing, but got a start on being acquainted.   She didn’t get to speak with his dad, he was at work, but would when the time availed itself.   Mary used his phone to call her parents, they at least needed to be invited, though she figured they wouldn’t be able to come, and really hoped they wouldn’t, they hadn’t gotten on too well since she had started seeing Bret, and this news would shock the socks off of them for sure.   By the time they walked from the bed room, making an intentional show of straightening out there clothing for Nicole’s benefit, all had been settled on, the church chosen and booked, all that lacked was the rest of the invitations.   Mary’s list would be short, it cost way too much to fly from England to the US for a wedding, but she would invite her close friends and family anyway.   His list was a bit longer, though not that large, about 50 of his fellow airmen would be invited and his family of course.   The wedding was set to be in the Base Chapel at the Navel base near his home town, he said it was a lovely chapel, and she took his word for it.   They would be married in the US , and fly to England to a post wedding reception for those who couldn’t make it to the ceremony, and those that could were welcome as well. The only flies in the ointment were his naval career, he had to get permission to marry a foreign national, and that had to be dealt with ASAP, and the fact that he had to report to his base in the Mediterranean five days after the wedding.   Showing up with a new bride at a new base, and all new officers would be difficult, but he said he would get it done, one way or another.   He called the local navy base and talked to someone in the JAG office to set an appointment for later that day, that was imperative to make it all work, “An American military man cannot marry a foreign national without him/her being investigated and approved by the US Government” he told her, making it perfectly clear.   She being a lawyer understood all of the ramifications of being approved; she had dealt with some of that in the past from the British standpoint.   He commented, “I’ll have to go back to the BOQ to change back into a uniform before the meeting, how about we go to lunch and then stop on the way for me to change?”   Mary nodded saying “I’ll go change into something more suitable, come help me choose” and got up.   They walked to the bedroom, where she pulled out various outfits that could work, holding them up in front of herself for his view from the vantage point on the foot of the bed.   When it had been narrowed down to two outfits he said “Try that one, put it on and let me see how it fits” with a naughty chuckle following his obvious attempt at getting her naked again.   She gazed at him, not really in disbelief, but knowing that he could enjoy the show, though there wasn’t much time for anything else.   She laid the garment out across the chair and stood a few feet from the foot of the bed, he reclined casually to watch her as she removed the clothing she was wearing.   Mary unfastened the button and zipper on her pants, slowly pushing them from her hips, leaned towards him as she pushed them over her feet and stepped out of the legs.   Her shirt just barely covered her bare mound, devoid of panties, as was her preference whenever possible.   She started a swaying motion just for the tease effect, and it was working well, Michael felt his erection begin to form in the crotch of his own pants, “Oh My God she’s hot”, he thought to himself.   She could tell he was really appreciating the show, so continued her gyrating motion as she took hold of the hem of her shirt and pulled it ever so slowly upward, showing just the barest minimum of her pubic hair, trimmed to perfection, which he already knew.   He was damn near drooling as she lifted it higher revealing the sexy triangular patch of lush hair; she raised it ever so slowly and revealed her abdomen and then teasingly her amazing DD breasts, her nipples fully aroused and standing firm amid the luscious skin of her tits.   As the shirt was being pulled over her head he could stand no more and quickly slid off of the bed onto his knees directly in front of his bride to be, grabbing her hips with both hands and pulling her mound to his face abruptly.   His tongue thrust across her tender clit, and then again, and again; she felt a surge of desire as her abdomen twitched frantically at his eager advance.   She finished pulling the shirt off over her head and put her hands on the back of his head, pulling at it to be deeper into her groin, wanting more of what he could offer.   He obliged and leaned his head back as he grasped her thighs from the front and parted the sweet petals of her labia with his thumbs, one on each side, and then engulfed her entire pussy around and in his mouth, his tongue darted rapidly in and out of the wet canal of lust.   She felt the walls of her snatch fill with the erotic nectar of her body and begin to flow freely; he drank each drop and then stream of it as she gave him a drink of her fruitful liquids.   She gasped as he brought her to full orgasm, and screamed out as she climaxed “Holy fuck....God….don’t stop….shit.…”   he continued to pleasure her for another few minutes until she could barely stand before him even with him holding her up, her body shook frantically with the feelings that rushed though it.   He slowed his pace and let her ebb to a smoldering ember, and then licked her clean of her juices.   He said “That outfit will be just fine, now put it on so we can go, may not have time for lunch as it is” with a lustful chuckle.   She put on a pair of panties, to be proper, of course, as well as a bra, not that she wanted to, and then donned the skirt and blouse along with a short suit-coat to cover.   She found a pair of low heels that were fitting and slid them on as well.   In the mean time Michael had used her discarded t-shirt to wipe the remains of her orgasm from his face and neck and sat patiently on the end of the bed till she was through.   They left the room together; she went in and brushed her hair and teeth while he waited in the living room, talking with Nicole.   Her expression was one of satisfaction from what she had heard going on in the bedroom, she knew that he could keep her friend happy.   Nicole giggled and said “You keep getting her off like that and I know we’ll get along, so, keep up the good work.”   Mary entered the room and Michael stood up to join her.   They bid a farewell to Nicole and went out to get in the sporty car and drove off.   Mary was still feeling the ripples of her orgasm, and played lightly with his cock as he drove towards their destination.   He very much enjoyed being teased, but looked forward more to a time when they could make love together again. He wanted so badly to feel the rippling walls of her vagina as they messaged his dick; as the thoughts ran through his brain, his precum seeped from his swollen prize, he thought to himself ‘I’m going to fuck her so hard, we’ll both be laid up for a week.”   They were still several miles from the base, lunch had been forgotten about, and they were on their way for him to change, she would not be allowed to enter the BOQ {Bachelor’s Officer Quarters}, so she decided that his tool needed her attention and unzipped his pants.   As she felt inside, she could feel the moisture from his precum and thought ‘this will never do, he needs more…’   she pulled his hard thickness from the boxer shorts opening and leaned over, taking the head and several inches into her willing mouth.   As she rose and fell onto it with her mouth she circled the bulbous purple head with her tongue, his moans gave evidence of the nearness of his climax.   She could feel his balls tighten as he squirmed in the seat, trying frantically to maintain control of the powerful sports car, not to mention his also powerful cock, now being sucked by the woman of his dreams.   She bobbed up and down the shaft, sucking hard and taunting it with all she could offer; he tightened his grip on the steering wheel as his balls tightened ever more, ready to explode.   He said “Ohhhh Godddd, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS.”   She prepared herself and sucked each rope and spurt of his cream into her mouth, swallowing each drop as he unloaded his burden.   She lifted her mouth from him with a naughty chuckle, turned her head to face him and saw his expression intense with the pleasure of his climax.   She tenderly tucked his still swollen member into his boxers and rezipped his pants.   His hand moved to her neck and they kissed briefly before she sat back in the bucket seat to enjoy the aftermath of her gift, she could still taste the joyous cum and relished the flavor.   They arrived at the BOQ and he pulled the car into a parking slot.   He said “I’ll be back in five minutes, don’t go away.”   He gave her a peck on the cheek and ran to the entrance. Mary sat quietly in the car waiting, watching the young airmen, mostly officers, walking by, but her thoughts were only about Lt. Michael Cross, the love of her life, and the man she would wed in two weeks.

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