Young Couple Having Sex For The First Time In The Gym Locker Room

Young Couple Having Sex For The First Time In The Gym Locker Room

The other day it made it to 100 degrees, so my wife, Lea, suggested that we take the boat out and relax with a cool drink and a nice sunset. Sounded like a great idea. I loaded the trailer on the truck and off we went. It was about a half hour drive to the lake so we decided to stop and grab some liquor from the store on the way. We got to the launch and launched the boat and off we went. We were out for about an hour when Lea told me she forgot her phone in the truck and was expecting a call! I could not believe I was having go back to get a damn phone. So we went back. As we went to the beach and Lea ran to the truck, a hot tight girl with a tight hard body with a tiny little bikini comes bouncing up to the boat, she asked me, "Hi, my name is Coni, my friends are out on the lake already and need a ride out to there; their boat is at the end of the lake." I was thinking wow I should just take her and go! But man Lea would kill me. I told her, "My wife is coming back and you will have to ask her." Coni was really trying hard to talk me into it. With a grin, she looked at me and said, "I will do anything to get there." When Lea returned she looked at the girl next to the boat and asked, "Who are you?" I told her, "Lea this is Coni! She needs a ride to a friend’s boat but I told her I had to ask you." Coni looked at Lea and said, "Please I need to get there, I will do anything to get out there." I noticed Coni softly rubbed her hand gently across Lea's thigh. Lea looked at me with a surprised look and said, "I guess we can! Hop in." Lea than climbed in, than Coni hopped down. As she did one of her big, firm tits popped out of her bikini top. I saw her glance at me as my eyes were locked on her beautiful breast. With a wink and a rye smile, she tucked her firm tit back in her top. As we pushed off, Coni began to chat about herself as she sat next to Lea. I could see Lea eyeing Coni’s nice tits and glancing down at her pussy in her tight little bottoms. Coni caught her peeking down and asked Lea, "What do I owe you for the ride?” Lea looked at Coni and said, "Well that’s up to you Coni…" Coni than slowly slipped her finger up her bare thigh, and proceeded slipping it under her bikini showing Lea her tight little pussy lips. Coni looked at Lea and said, "Would you like to play with this?" "I sure would," Lea said, looking at Coni's pussy lips. Coni then stood up and slipped her bottoms off. She stood up in front of Lea and slipped her fingers inside her pussy. She kept rubbing and massaging her clit right in Lea’s face.  I stopped the boat and made me a drink to sit there enjoy the show. Coni sat up on the engine cover and spread her legs open showing the nice freshly shaved smooth pussy lips. She continued to rub her lips and clit while we both watched her intensely. Lea then kneeled in front of her and slipped her fingers one at a time deep inside Coni’s wet pussy. She got three fingers inside her and started working them slowly while rotating them deep up inside her pussy. I was sitting next to Coni with my drink. I was really enjoying watching my wife slip her fingers deep inside Coni. As I was watching, Coni reached over and started massaging my cock through my shorts, as it was hard and bulging up from excitement. Coni slipped my shaft out the bottom of my shorts and she slowly began stroking it ever so soft and gently. She was using her fingertips to go from my balls than back up to the vary top of my cock. Lea moved in a little closer, she started sensually using her tongue to lick on the pink lips of Coni’s wet tight pussy. As she licked harder, Coni began stroking my hard cock more aggressively. Lea than reached down between her legs and started rubbing her own pussy as she was sucking on Coni’s now dripping pussy. Coni than told Lea, "Stand up and drop your shorts Lea I want to suck your clit and lick your hot pussy." So Lea stood up and stripped off her shorts. As she stood up in front of Coni, they started kissing. Coni enjoyed sucking the juices from Lea’s tongue that she had just finished sucking from her pussy. Lea than turned around, she sat up on the engine cover and spread her legs open so that Coni could kneel down in front of her. Coni began by slipping a couple fingers inside Leas wet lips, than began sucking on her clit. I reached over and slipped Coni’s top off releasing the two firm solid natural tits with huge erected nipples. I leaned forward and caressed them as well as slipping her solid nipple in my mouth. I started to gently nibble on her nipple with my teeth. Coni told me, “Bite them harder.” So I started biting down harder and harder on her huge firm nipples and grinding them between my teeth. Lea was sitting there with her legs spread open as Coni was now thrusting three fingers deep inside her body. Lea leaned back further spreading her pussy open as far as she could. I could see her clit pulsating each time Coni rammed her fingers deep in her body. I was so hot and hard at this point I stood up and stripped of my shorts. I grabbed Coni from behind, slid her hips up, and told her I was going to slip my cock deep inside your wet puss
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y while she slipped her tongue deep inside my wife’s pussy. Coni curled her tongue and stuck it inside her as far as she could. She continued sticking her long tongue deeper and deeper in her pussy. In the mean time, each time I slammed my cock inside her pussy she would bounce her lips and tongue deep inside my wife’s pussy. Lea lay back so I could clearly see it going in her body. I told Coni to spit on her clit so she can rub it in and she can make it nice wet. So she sucked very hard on my wife’s pussy hole and than lifted her head up and dribbled her pussy juice from her mouth back on her lips. Lea began vigorously rubbing it into her pussy, as she was rolling her clit between her fingers and Coni continued to fuck her with her tongue. I could see she was about to cum as Lea was shaking and gyrating aggressively. Coni’s fingers began going faster and harder inside Leas pussy as her lips were sucking on her clit. Lea shook than screamed and moaned as she let go as she came with Coni’s tongue and fingers deep up in her pussy. I could feel Coni’s pussy grip my cock as Lea’s pussy let go as she came all over Coni, and as her ass shook and shuttered hard with ecstasy. Lea then grabbed Coni's head and buried it down onto her wet hot pussy. Lea then slowly pulled Coni's head back just enough so Coni could use the tip of her tongue to slowly and softly lick her swollen clit and lips. Lea kept going back onto her pulsating clit with her tongue, licking, and sucking it ever so softly. Lea was so warn out from the oral fucking she looked at me, and said, "It is your turn! Fuck her hard and I want to watch you explode your hot cum all over her." Lea looked at Coni and asked, "Coni, is that OK with you?" Coni looked at Lea and said, "Sure I love a big dick deep in my pussy, as well as a hot load all over me as well as in my mouth." So Lea sat back, spread her legs open, and began gently caressing her swollen clit with her fingers. I bent Coni over the Seat and slipped the tip of my cock slowly into her wet pink pussy. Her pussy was so fucking hot from my cock earlier it started to throb right away. I knew if I slammed her pussy to fast I would explode my load of hot cum way to fast, so I slowly stuck it in working it deeper with each stroke. As I was watching Lea caress her pussy, I slowly slipped my cock in and out of Coni's tight pink lips. I told her to Lean over and kiss Lea's pussy! Coni shifted her face towards Lea, she watched her spread legs open wider. Lea stretched her swollen pink juicy lips open with her fingers, Coni than leaned forward and started softly using her tongue and lips to kiss and gently suck on her clit and puffy lips. I was slowly slipping my cock in her going as deep as it would go and could feel the cum building up in my vein so I told Coni, "Your wet hot pussy is making my cock so hot and hard it is about to blow a massive load of hot cum inside her tight hot pussy."  Coni replied, "I want to stroke your cock and let it blow hot cum in my mouth and then shoot your cum all over my tits." So I told Lea, "Get ready because I am going to blow a load of cum all over Coni's tits and want you to watch it explode." With a few more hard fast rapid penetrating thrust deep in her hot pussy I grabbed her, spun her around, and told her, "Go for it." Coni grabbed my swollen pussy soaked cock and began ramming it all in her throat. It was so wet with juice from her pussy I felt my cock throbbing. I could feel the cum building up in my shaft. Then the head of my dick started swelling up and I told her, "Now." As I let my massive load of cum explode in her mouth, I watched her face as her eyes blinked rapidly as the first load of sperm filled her mouth. She pulled it out and continued stroking my cock as I screamed out, "Oh yes!" Coni leaned back and exploded the rest of my huge load of cum all over on her tits, as well as splashed it on her chin and face. She smiled and continued stroking it faster and blasted the last shots on Lea's face as well. She stroked it softly and gently as she watched each drop squirt out and rubbed the swollen head of my cock against her huge tits and nipples, spreading my cum all over her tits. Coni than slipped it in her mouth gently on my dick, than sucking the head of my swollen head and licking the last few drops that she could tug out. Lea than leaned over and stuck my cock all the way in her mouth getting the last of the pussy juice and cum off my cock. As I stood back and admired the cum on them, they both softly caressed each other with my load of hot cum on each others tits and sucked each others tongues and continued to kiss and make out. As Lea looked up at me with a smile she said, "Did you like that?" I told her, "It was fucking awesome." She then looked at Coni and kissed her for a few more minutes, continuing to rub my load of hot cum into each other’s tits. Coni looked at me and said, "Happy Birthday." I was confused, then Lea smiled and said, "Are you glad we went back for my phone now?" Come to find out the phone was all a set up for us to go back to the pick up because Coni was a friend that Lea got me for my birthday!

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