Grandma smiles when she sees a big cock and horror takes her straight and puts it in her wrinkled pussy

Grandma smiles when she sees a big cock and horror takes her straight and puts it in her wrinkled pussy

Ralph smirked as he walked into Sally’s apartment. Today he knew he had an Ace up his sleeve that might break the ice between them.Ralph and Sally were both in their fifties. Ralph was not off the charts and fine lines of time had embedded themselves around his eyes. Too much sun and smiling perhaps. Sally was a few inches shorter and he surmised standing behind her, his crotch would rest snugly in the upper part of her butt cleft. She was quite attractive, a ready smile and lively – sometimes naughty – eyes.They had known each other for the best part of ten years. While staying close to each other in an apartment complex, they always greeted in passing until that night with the HOA Annual Meeting. She simply walked into him and greeted with a hug and their friendship was formed.Over time inuendoes were subtly offered but he only realised it when the moment had passed. No matter how he tried nothing ever progressed out of his advances.Today however, was a different story; Sally was dressed in loose fitting white shorts and you know what they say – the urban legends? Ralph wondered if she even knew about such legends. She had previously admitted reading matter of erotic nature, but her taste was more ‘supernatural’ stuff. The other thing he considered was, she had never married and thus not had any children. Thus, she wasn’t a MILF by those standards. So maybe his focus was a bit… off? As they relaxed, each with a glass of cold soda and seated across from each other in her lounge, conversation flowed easily. They spoke about work, Covid, the seasons changing and other contemporary things.She sat in her usual position allowing Ralph, as he often did, toying a fingertip on the soft skin of her ankle. She seemed unfettered about it. Perhaps she was so used to his touch already that it was the norm rather than Ralph trying his luck… again.It was in moments like these that she dared leaving a door slightly ajar; doors he mostly missed. She was barefooted today, relaxed and wearing a delicate purple top that, he observed, also appeared to be somewhat flimsy; he could see the contours of her lace bra contrasted against her fair skin.She had so many times mentioned her taste in Lingerie, but he seldom had the opportunity to witness any of the sort. In a brief lull in their conversation (which often was the case but never that uncomfortable silence) he looked her over and as his eyes met hers, that naughty expression lingered in her eyes. He took the chance.Looking her over again, this time explicitly, he smiled and said, “You know, there’s and urban legend about women wearing white pants?”“These are shorts, not pants,” she fired back, smirking.“Same thing. Shorts, pants, doesn’t matter, same legend.”“So what’s the legend then?”“The first legend they say, women who wear shorts like yours, never wear panties with it,” he smiled.Sally blushed visibly but kept her cool. “What makes you think the ‘legend’ is applicable to me?”“Well, only one way to tell,” Ralph answered as he leaned toward her.She gasped as his warm hand gently touched the skin above her knee. She looked at him hard as his hand softly caressed her leg.“We…” she started but gasped as his hand slipped just inside the leg of her shorts. As she seemed reluctant, he kept his hand right there, his fingertips softly sweeping to and fro like the windscreen wipers of a car.“We what? What was it you wanted to say?” he asked softy.She did not answer but her eyes slowly closed in submission to his caressing fingertips. He watched her closely as her breathing became noticeably deeper at his touch.He inched up her leg another inch, observing her closely. “You okay?” he asked softly. Her nod was barely noticeable as he waited, fingers softly stroking.Like a cat he moved to her side of the couch, his one knee slightly under the leg he was petting, the other just behind her hip. As his hand progressed another slow, soft inch, he leaned in and softly kissed her mouth. Her lips moved tentatively against is as he softly probed with his wet tongue.As his hand moved a confident further two inches up the leg of her pants, her mouth opened, and she played her warm, wet tongue against his. The kiss remained soft, gentle, and soothing; he did not want to spook her. Not now, when he could sense the warmth of her loins shrouding his fingers.She gasped deeply and a soft whimper escaped into his mouth as his fingertips reached the soft warm skin of her crotch. Her pelvic area was already damp, perspiration form her own need moistening her skin. Not far to go but already proving the point of the urban legend.Her pussy was bare beneath the shorts, void of any form of textile protecting her delicate sex. No soft, frilly garment present to soak the wetness already seeping out and adding flavour to the
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perspiration of her desire.As his fingertip softly grazed her labia, she broke the kiss but softly bit his lower lip, a gasp escaping between her teeth.His other hand slowly slid over her shoulder, breasts, abdomen, deftly slipping the button of her shorts through its hole. Her pants loose, he gently took the zipper and moved. Just a slight ‘trrr’ before he stopped.“This okay?” he asked softly. She looked at him dreamily for a moment before she nodded. Sally wasn’t trusting herself to speak when all she could do was whimper.Her shorts soon slipped over her smooth legs and was tossed on the soft carpet.Sweeping his hand back up from her ankle, Ralph relished the warm and softness of her skin before gently cupping her now exposed sex. She seemed to be one to keep it neat around her sex., short cropped pubic hair with smoothly shaved labia glistening with her wetnessWhile his mouth seeked hers again, he firmly massaged her mound, eliciting a contented moan form Sally.“Feels so good,” she whispered into his mouth, the fingers of one hand upsetting his hair, the other holding onto his back for dear life.As his two fingers slipped inside her warm wetness, her hand contracted, and he could feel her fingernails attempting a grip through his shirt. He gently started plunging his fingers inside her wet pussy, her muscles starting to grip his fingers at the onset of her first orgasm. Curling his fingers against the roof of her pussy, finally set her off and she groaned her release into the confines of the lounge.She smiled faintly at him, eyes not open though not closed either. “That was so good, so unexpected. Thanks.” she breathed at him.He smiled back, “We’re not done yet,” he murmured between kisses on her collarbone, her tits and on the way down, her neat navel.She tried to pull him back up as she giggled, “What do you mean?”“I’m not done unless I’ve eaten this delightfully wet pussy of yours.”She hesitated, “Ralph, you know I have not done stuff like this in years?”“I know. So, trust me, please.”“Ok, but first come here then?” As he stood, Sally undressed him and caught her breath as his hard cock bounced from his underwear. She looked up hesitantly before she slowly reached out and folded her small hand around his girth.“You’re bigger than I thought.”“What do you mean,” he asked.“Just wondered sometimes what you were packing in your pants. I am still a woman, I have needs… sometimes.”She cupped his balls, causing him to gasp. She looked at his cock closely, inspecting it, relishing its feel, the weight of it and his testes in her hand. As he arched his hips toward her, she looked up briefly before she planted a tentative kiss on his purplish head.“Suck my cock,” he demanded to which she slowly open her lips around the head and slipping it into her oral cavity. The moment was so intense that it took only a minute or a bit more for Ralph to pull back. “You’re going to make me loose my nut if you carry on like that.”Sally giggled as he reached over and started slipping her top over her shoulders. “This needs to go before we can continue.”He deftly undid the clasp of her bra before pushing her down again and taking his place between her legs. Slowly and with the greatest of care, Ralph started eating Sally. Her legs fell open brazenly as her first orgasm approached her.“FUCK!” was her response as Ralph continued to plunge her drenched sex.While she still rode the ecstasy of her orgasm, Ralph mounted her small frame and slowly pushed inside her.“Oh Fuck! Slowly please, you’re a bit big,” she pleaded as he slipped inside her slick sheath. As he bottomed out, Sally’s abs tensed as her third orgasm ripped through her.“AWWW, GAWD! Fuck, Oh Yesss, Fuck, So Good!” Sally moaned as he continued shafting inside her. His girth was now comfortable inside her and her pleasure caused her to start creaming on his shaft.Sally started sobbing. “Please, Please, I’m going to cum again. Fuck me, don’t stop please? Oh Yes!! Fuck me deep and hard!”Ralph knew he wasn’t going to last long. “Gonna cum soon Sal, where do you want it?”“Inside me!! Do not pull out, cum in me, fill me up, cum with me. OHHHHH! YESSS!” she screamed and then Ralph started shooting strings of hot cum inside his closest friend.Both panting with exertion, he lowered himself on top of her and searched for her mouth with his. Her hands rubbed all over his back in satisfaction.“I should have allowed you closer to me much sooner, but I always hesitated. And you missed all the signals I gave you.”“Sorry,” he smiled down at her and leaned in to peck her on the lips. She seemed deep in thought for a few moments before she asked, “What’s the other urban legend?”“Girls wearing white pants like yours, like it up the ass,” he smirked.

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