Adult Movies With A Black Widens The Pussy Hole Much

Adult Movies With A Black Widens The Pussy Hole Much

Judy opened the door to Al. It was his third visit in as many months. As usual he greeted her with a quick smile followed by a long look at her belly. It had not grown in size since his last visit; in fact it had not grown at all over the year. Al looked up and smiled again. His wide smile told her that he was pleased, very pleased. Judy trembled. The year was up! As with his last visit Al reached for the hem of her dress and lifted it. This time he lifted it up to her breasts with one hand and rested his other hand on her tummy. “It’s just not happening is it Judy?” he said. Judy shook her head. She had resigned herself months ago to the fact that Sandy was not going to get her pregnant no matter how hard he tried. The job was going to be left to Al and has gang. In one way it excited her. The thought of having a group of men fucking her on a regular basis with the sole purpose of getting her pregnant had kept her in a state of high sexual arousal for months now. But the closer the time got towards it happening also increased her state of nervous tension. Al rubbed his hand over her tummy and then lowered it to her groin. His fingers slipped inside the waistband of her panties and began to push. * Last time he had pushed them down to her hips before using his fingers to masturbate her. Then, he had spoken softly to her as he fingered her. “Not long to go now before we get our cocks in there,” he told her. Judy closed her eyes and allowed her mind to wander into the fantasy. “I will be fucking you first,” he said, “just like I did with Elle.” Judy groaned. She could see it quite clearly now as his fingers thrust harder and quickly into her. She could see herself opening the door at the appointed time to find all five of them standing on the doorstep. Al would lead the way inside with a look of lust and a smile of pending satisfaction. The others would follow on behind. Few words would be spoken as he gently nudged her towards the stairs. She wasn’t sure if she could keep her composure as she slowly climbed them; she wasn’t sure if she could keep calm as she faced the inevitable. The men would follow on behind with Al right behind her. She could imagine the men’s cocks getting harder and harder as she grew closer to the bedroom. They would be eager to fuck her; eager to breed her. Those men had probably thought of nothing else over the last few months. She knew that Al was already keeping them informed. He had told her so at his last visit. “The boys are wanting your pussy Judy,” he had told her. His words had sent a shiver of sexual excitement racing through her body. The thought of a group of men talking about her sexually in that way gave her a degree of sexual excitement that she had never known before. What made matters worse for her was the knowledge that only a slut of a woman would think that this was sexually exciting. A woman, a decent woman would never entertain such thoughts, so she was led to believe. But she was a woman, a decent woman and she was having such thoughts. A group of males, the majority of which were complete strangers, were going to be fucking her; using her for their sexual pleasure and it excited her. “They are going to make a special effort with you,” he said quietly as she neared her climax from his hand. She reached up and grasped his shoulders for support as her whole body shuddered with her orgasm. Moans and yelps escaped from her lips in the process and her juices flooded his fingers. A few moments later she came back to reality and felt embarrassed as he held his fingers up to his nose. “You taste good babe,” he told her as he sucked on his fingers. Judy looked away in embarrassment and in doing so looked down at his groin. His huge erection was very evident and it beckoned her. Judy found herself dropping to her knees and in few moments of sheer lust she found herself with his huge cock in her hand. Al reached for the back of head and pulled her against him. “Come on babe, sample some of that cum that is going to be filling your pussy soon,” he told her. And sample it she did. Judy took it in her mouth and sucked and licked him as she masturbated him. Al groaned loudly warning her that his cum was on its way but it still caught her unawares. She tried to gulp down mouthful after mouthful but the volume was so much that she ended up with lots of it over her clothing. * That was last time. That was what happened on Al’s last visit. This time he didn’t stop pushing down her panties until they were well over her thighs, leaving them to slide slowly down to her ankles. It just felt natural for her to step out of them. For a few moments she just stared down at them lying on the floor at her feet. Al too was looking down at them as he held her dress up high. “The boys are waiting at the end of the road Judy,” he told her; his hand still clutching her dress. “Waiting?” “Waiting to get started,” he told her. “We all have some spare time on our hands don’t we?” Judy gasped as panic began to creep in. How did they know that Sandy was away on business for a few days? Al reached inside his jacket pocket and pulled out his cell phone. “Shall I call them on in?” Judy gasped again. “W...what now?” Al looked into her eyes. “Sandy’s had his chance Judy,” Al told her, “It’s our turn now.” Judy watched partially in horror and partially in a state of arousal as Al keyed in a number on his cell phone. It was happening. It was actually happening. She felt faint. She felt nervous. She felt excited, and yet she also felt regretful. Sandy had tried his best. They had fucked ardently and regularly for a whole year. She had timed their busiest times around her cycle and yet she was still not pregnant. She felt sorry for him momentarily. She knew that she shouldn’t be doing this. She knew that there would be consequences, but Judy wanted to get pregnant. One man was holding her dress up in the air and another four men were only moments away. They would get the job done. They would get her pregnant. They would hold her down on the marital bed and take turns with her. They had done it with Elle. Done it in the same room that they were about to do her in. They had made her pregnant. They had fulfilled her desire to be with child. They would do the same with her. She was still in a state of shock as the car drew up and the men got out. She began to tremble as they walked up the pathway to her door. Al had let go of her dress now and she was in a better state of modesty but there was still her panties; lying on the floor beside her. The men filed in. One of them bent down and picked them up and handed them to her. The shock was beginning to increase now. Al introduced them. She shook hands with them one by one as they greeted her but she never heard their names. Her mind had shut off all outside sound. When the last one had finished Al spoke again. “Lead the way Judy.” She still didn’t hear. Al repeated himself and this time she heard him. She turned and began the short walk that would take her to the bedroom; a flight of fourteen stairs followed by a few yards walk down the corridor to the room. There was no notice on the door like the last time. No sign saying ‘Breeding Room’ but Judy knew as she pushed open the door that was exactly what was about to happen. Those men following on behind were going to breed her. She came to a halt at the bottom of the bed and turned to face them. A hungry mob stood before her. Eyes full of lust. Leering faces staring right through her. They had already stripped her without even touching an inch of her clothing. Judy realised that she was still tightly clutching her panties in her hand. It was almost as if she thought that she was holding onto her dignity; holding on to her virtue. But she was so wrong. Al began to step out of his shoes and a couple of the men standing beside him reached for the buckles of their belts. They were stripping now. Judy just stood there, clutching onto her knickers, and watched as they all undressed. Watched as there nakedness came into view. Watched as their erections were fully exposed. They were all big like Al. They all had large, thick penises and they all had large hanging testicle sacs. Also like Al they were all muscular. She knew that there was no chance of escape even if she wanted to leave. They would pounce on her like lions and devour her before she even took a few steps. It was when they all turned round again to face her that she felt the wetness between her thighs. She almost felt embarrassed by it. She was also surprised with her state of arousal. For a moment they all stood there in silence. It was almost as if time was standing still. Then one of them stepped forward followed by two others. His large hands reached out and took hold of the lapels of her dress. For a moment she expected his hands to pull to the sides and in the process rip open her dress but no, his fingers began to unbutton it. It all seemed so out of place, large calloused hands gently unbuttoning her dress. She was expecting his hands and the hands of the others to tear at her clothing. Callously ripping each garment from her body in order to get her naked. But no, they were gentle and caring. Her dress fell to the ground and one man stooped down to pick it up and place it over a chair. Other hands unfastened her bra and gently removed it leaving her in just her stockings and suspenders. The man who had removed her dress fell to his knees before her and carefully unfastened the suspender straps. She felt his gentle hands against the flesh of her thighs as her stockings began to slowly slide down her legs. As he lifted each foo
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t in turn to remove them other hands from behind unfastened her suspender belt. Now she stood naked before them all. Naked that is except for her panties still clutched in her hand. Someone’s hand took hold of hers and began to gently prise it open. Judy relaxed her grip and allowed him to divest her of her last item of clothing. There was silence again and a hesitation for a few moments and then hands began to explore. Fingers slid in the wetness between her thighs as they ventured to her opening. Hands clutched her breasts; thumbs and fingers tweaked her nipples and further hands groped her bottom. Judy just closed her eyes as all the men explored and examined her body. From her breasts to her belly fingers touched and fondled. Outside and inside her pussy fingers invaded and penetrated, not even her anus was left untouched. There were grunts and there were groans from the men and penises were being pressed against her flesh. Hard, thick erections prodded and poked her. She knew that soon they would be vying to penetrate her. Vying to get inside her womanhood and empty their seed in her. But first they wanted something else from her. Hands pressed down on her shoulders and she opened her eyes again. They were now all gathered around her in a circle and she was being guided down on her knees. She didn’t need any prompting as she took the first erection in her hand and pulled it too her lips. She wanted to taste it. She wanted to get its measure in her mouth first. She wanted to bring it to a heightened state of arousal in order that it would quickly spill its seed deep inside her. Hands grabbed the back of her head and held her tightly as his body began to thrust back and forth. He made her gag. He made her almost choke. He made her more excited than ever. When he stopped another pair of hands reached for her. One by one they made her suck them. Made her lick them and made them arouse them even further. When she got to Al though he made her do something different. “Come on baby, lick my balls as well,” he told her. She obeyed. “Cup that sac baby and feel the weight of all that seed I have for you.” Judy moaned softly. All that seed would soon be filling her. One by one they all made her do the same to them and she found herself back with Al again. He just held her face though and looked down at her. “We’re all ready for you now baby,” he said, “you ready for us?” A nod was all it took for hands to reach down for her and lift her onto the bed. Strong hands dragged her into the centre of the bed and then more hands held her arms down behind her head while other hands lifted her legs into the air by the ankles. She was held and splayed now. Helpless and unable to defend herself as Al inched his way forward on his knees between her wide open legs. “Go on Al, give it to her good.” Someone shouted from behind. Al grinned as he pressed his manhood against her wet, open cunt lips. It slid inside with virtually no resistance at all. Her legs were released and allowed to fall against Al’s shoulders as he sank down on top of her and then her pounding began. Judy screamed all the way through her fucking; screamed in ecstasy. It wasn’t just Al’s pounding that was arousing her so much but it was the others as well. Hands toyed with her breasts and nipples and fingers also pleasured her clitty. Even her anus was invaded by someone’s fingers reaching under her bottom. It wasn’t just their physical actions that were arousing her but also their vocal ones. Al was telling them all how tight her cunt was. He told them how much they were all going to enjoy the feel of her tight cunt around their cocks. He told them he could feel her cervix as well. This made her scream and yell even more and consequently this brought more verbal altercation from them. “Listen to the whore scream!” A voice called out. The men roared. Al pounded even harder and faster. Someone else asked her if she was enjoying black cock and all she could do was sob ‘yes.’ When Al announced that he was about to cum she found herself screaming at him to fill her cunt. This brought more roars and yelps from the men. It also brought more orgasms from her. Judy would have been quite happy to leave things at that. Al had fucked her. He had released his seed deep inside her and what was more; he had almost exhausted her in the process. But there were four other males who wanted their turn now. The one who had taken off her dress so gently and carefully wanted her next and he wanted her on her knees. “I wanna doggy her.” He called out and the men who had been holding her down lifted her off her back and got her onto her knees with her bottom raised in the air. Even before he had full entered her from behind another man’s cock was pressing at her lips from the front. When he did enter though there was no gentleness. No carefulness. It was hard, fast and brutal. He pulled her hair and slapped her bottom and thighs and kept telling her what a great fuck she was. Hands also grabbed at her breasts as they swayed from side to side from the heavy pounding and fingers also groped between her legs to explore her cunt lips. Judy came again and again. Another man quickly took his place when he had finished. This time however he took her on her side. He made her lie on her side with knees pressed into her chest and fucked her from behind. Mercifully, he came quickly to allow another man to take her on her back. The final man made her lie on her tummy and took her from behind. It was hard and brutal and when he had finished she just lay there completely exhausted. Al climbed onto the bed beside her and reached to caress her back. She turned and looked up at him and saw that he was hard again. She turned completely over onto her back and looked around at the men either sitting on the bed or standing around her. They cocks were all glistening and hard again. She felt like slut, lying their naked with legs apart. Their cum was slowly seeping from her. They could see it. She could feel it. They had put it there. Used her like a slut. Fucked her like a slut. But she was their slut and it made her feel good. Their cocks were hard and ready again. She had done that to them. They might have thought that she was their slut but in reality they belonged to her. She had power over their cocks. Judy opened her legs a little wider just to let them know that her cunt was ready again. Al ran his hand over her breasts and brought it down to rest on her tummy. “You ok?” he asked her. “Knackered.” She responded with a smile. Al leaned over and kissed her on the lips. It had been the first touch of tenderness and intimacy from any of them. They had all fucked her and used her but no one had shown any affection. As Al continued to kiss her she felt someone climbing between her legs. It was the man with the big hands who had taken off her dress. Al moved away and allowed the man to lay down on top of her and penetrate her. His hands reached under her shoulders and he pulled her too him and began to kiss her. Judy responded by holding his face before raising her hips to meet his thrusts. He spoke to her quietly as he fucked her. “That’s it baby,” he told her, “thrust back nice and hard and get this seed from me.” Judy groaned before vocally urging him to quickly fill her. She told him that her cunt was his. “It’s your cunt, fill it,” she called out. A man like him didn’t need much encouragement. When he finished another took his place, then another followed by another until it was just left down to Al. He turned her over onto her tummy and placed a couple of pillows under her before pounding her from behind. Afterwards she slept for a few minutes between Al and another man while the others went to the bathroom before returning to put shorts on. Judy got up and went to the bathroom and then returned and found a large t-shirt to slip into. She went to her knicker drawer and took out a pair to put on but a hand reached out and took hers. It was the same hand that had earlier removed knickers from her hand. “No need for these,” he told her, “we’ll be taking turns with you during the afternoon. These will just give us more work to do.” She relaxed her grip on them and looked him in the eye. A surge of sexual excitement ran through her body. She was left in no doubt that they had not finished with her yet. It excited her. Judy took them downstairs and made some lunch for them all. It felt strange walking around wearing just a t-shirt while they roamed around in vest and shorts. From time to time she felt them looking at her. Her garment barely covered her thighs so her sex was constantly on show for them. It made her feel good though. As the afternoon went on she noticed the bulges in their shorts getting bigger. She was having an effect on them. She came back from the kitchen with some cold drinks for them and they turned in unison to look at her. She sensed that they had been talking about her. Suddenly the man who had taken off her dress spoke to her. “We’re going to be taking you back up to bed Judy,” he said. “Going to be taking you one on one.” She looked at him. “If that’s okay with you that is?” Al said. Judy smiled. “I’m hardly in a position to resist you guys am I?” The man reached out with his huge hand and took her arm. “I am going first.” Judy reached down and took hold of the erect pole that strained against the black cotton material of his shorts. “Let’s hope you do a good job then hey!” She saw the look on his face as she challenged him, “Up the stairs slut,” he said. Judy smiled as she turned around. She was ready for them all once again.

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