Mature Who Loves To Suck Cock Very Well

Mature Who Loves To Suck Cock Very Well

“Thank you Mike, I needed this,” I said as I drank the second glass of water. “I also need a shower, do you guys mind if I use yours?" I was lounging naked on the balcony, with the three guys who had just came all over me. I could feel the cum drying on my body, after our wild foursome. “Use mine babe,” Sam said, and took my hand so I could stand. I leaned against him to steady myself. I looked over the balcony at the view, it was spectacular. There were a couple of men naked on the balcony next to Mike and Sam’s with the biggest smiles on their faces, and limp cocks resting on their bodies with drops of cum over their stomachs. “Thanks,” they said grinning at us. Sam laughed, “You are most welcome,” he said, and led me to his en-suite. Sam turned the shower on for me, three jets on the wall on one side and a large square shower head massager so the water came at you from all angles. I got my toiletries and put them in the shower. I wobbled a bit when the heat of the water hit me, and Sam stood next to me holding my arm. “Are you ok babe?” he asked. I leaned back against Sam and he stepped into the shower with me. His body was hard and he gently guided me to lean against the wall of the shower. The coolness of the tiles against my back and the warmth of the water made me shiver. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the water cascading over me, it was heaven. I felt Sam start to wash me; he used the shower head and wet my hair, put shampoo in it and gently washed my long hair. I wanted to protest but it felt so good I let him continue. He rinsed the shampoo out then put the conditioner through using his fingers like a comb in my hair, he was so gentle it was arousing. Sam then used the wash cloth and washed my face softly. Sam kissed my neck and I moaned, his lips brushed my ear lobe and he took it in his mouth and sucked on it. His huge hands caressed my breasts, and he bent down and kissed my nipples then gently sucked on them. His hands washed over my curves and down to my tender pussy. He put more soap on the wash cloth and took the shower head and turned it so there was a power stream of water hitting my clit. I groaned at the sensation of the vibrating water pressure hitting my very sensitive clit. Biting my lip I felt Sam’s fingers slip into my pussy. I opened my eyes and looked at him as he started to finger fuck me. My hands gripped his head and it wasn’t long before I cum on his fingers. He withdrew them and licked them clean. My hands still holding his head, Sam started to lick my pussy. He was lapping the juices that were dripping out of it. He looked up at me and moaned as I cum again on his tongue. My hands moved to his shoulders, fingers gripping him to steady myself. When my body stopped shuddering he kissed my pussy and continued washing down my thighs with the wash cloth and soap humming to himself. “Turn around babe,” he said I turned and leaned against the wall again so he could wash my back and my arse. “Can I take it out to wash your rosebud babe?” he asked pressing on the butt plug. “Yes but put it back when you’re done,” I said, “And make sure it’s the plug that goes back in, not anything else,” I laughed. “Promise,” he laughed and pulled on the plug to ease it out of my arse. “Fuck babe! That’s a hole right there!” “Just wash it Sam,” I giggled, and he did, gently and thoroughly! Sam got his lubricant from his room and came back to lube my rosebud and the plug to replace it. He held it at the opening and pushed slowly watching it go in easily, I moaned imagining it was my Master as I always did. Once it was all the way in Sam pressed on it a couple of times then carried on washing me. He rinsed my hair of the conditioner then down my body. Rubbed his hand over the welts on my arse again and turned the shower off. I took the towel from him and dried myself and walked into his bedroom to my bag. Sam had a quick shower while I dressed and got ready to go out to eat. I towel dried my hair, brushed it and tied it up in a pony-tail. I put on light makeup and a red lipstick with gloss then got dressed. Master had put my red lace bra and thong set, and a black sleeveless dress with a bright red floral pattern to wear. The dress was fitting at the top and flared out from the waist and ended above my knees. Low black patent heels for footwear and I was set. I checked the clothes in my bag that Master packed for me for when I arrived in Toronto. My black woollen pleated skirt that dropped nicely over my arse. The cream and black pinstriped blouse, thick black hold up stockings and suspender belt, with four inch black patent closed toe stilettos. To finish the outfit my full length woollen overcoat black pinstriped with a split at the back to enhance the flare of the coat. Perfect, I thought to myself. I walked out into the lounge gathered my clothes and packed them in my bag. I sat on the sofa waiting for Mike and Sam. Pete was just coming back he asked if he could come to lunch with us. We had three hours before I had to be back at the airport, so it was a leisurely lunch. We chatted about Sydney and the tourist attractions. They tried to bring up what had just happened but I smiled and changed the subject. The three of them expressed that I should stop there on the way back. When we had finished lunch, they took me to the airport and I checked in. “Don’t wait with me,” I told them, “I have to call Master soon, so let’s say bye here.” Pete stepped up to and took my hand. He kissed me gently on the lips and smiled then hugged me tight and whispered. “You’re amazing and I had the best time with you today thank you.” Mike was next he kissed my lips and hugged me tight, “I know we were lucky to have you today, I know how much Stan adores you Taatiana, thank you.” I kissed him back and hugged him tight, “Master holds you both in high regard Mike, or I would not have been with you today. Thank you for looking after me.” Sam was standing there looking down at me. I grinned and hugged him he bent down and kissed me hard. Held me close to his chest and let out a litt
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le moan. I could feel his cock getting hard and let my arms loosen around him. “I better go before you have to walk out of here with a full on hard cock Sam.” He kissed me again, “Mmmmmm, thank you babe you were fantastic!” Just as they walked out I heard my flight being called. I watched the three of them leave. I was very aware of the eyes on me as I walked through the gate, I was just saying farewell to three very handsome men who each intimately kissed me good bye. I grinned and showed the hostess my ticket. I asked her to point me towards the toilets. I walked in to the stall at the end closed the door and pulled my thong down. I pulled the plug out of my arse and set my camera phone on a timer and leaned it against the basin to take pictures of my arse for Master. It was a relief to take the plug out. I washed the plug with my wipes and put the plug away in my carry-on bag. I walked out and washed my hands then went out to the waiting area. I found a seat and started to send the pictures to my Master. The hostess that was at the gate came over to me and smiled. “Taatiana Smith,” she said. I looked up at her. “Yes, that’s me, is there a problem?” “No problem Ms Smith but you have been upgraded due to our flight being full. So you will be travelling business class from here to Toronto. If you would like to follow me, I’ll take you into the Koru Club lounge where you can wait for your flight.” I stood up and picked up my purse and carryon, and walked with the Hostess (her name was Sarah) to the lounge. “Thank you so much Sarah, I’m not questioning you, but why me? I asked. She smiled, “You are travelling alone?” she asked. “Yes I am.” “Well there are mostly couples and families on this flight, not many people traveling alone. So it was a choice between three of you, and you drew the short straw.” she explained. “Are you on this flight Sarah?” I asked. “Yes, I’m working in first class too, so if you need anything just let any one of the cabin crew know and we will help you,” she winked. “By the way I love your necklace, it’s beautiful. The person who gave you that must think you are very special.” I put my hand up to my collar and smiled, “I think the world of the man that gave me this too Sarah, thank you.” Sarah left me in the Koru Club lounge. I was quite excited to be travelling business class and it was perfect for me. I was tired and if the flight was full with families and couples I knew it wouldn’t be comfortable, and it was a long flight! I sent the pictures to My Master, and He rang me straight away. Master had already been talking to Mike and Sam. We talked about what had just happened with the upgrade. Master said he had spoken to John, and that he was waiting for me to contact him before I left Sydney. Master had a few little reminders for me and before he said goodbye, he reminded me of my ‘task’ that I had to do on the plane. “I miss you My Master,” I said as He was saying good bye. “I miss you to My slut,” then He hung up. A moment later I got a text from Master. “Safe traveling My slut, call Me when you arrive. I love you.” I looked at the text and a warm rush came over me. I text him back. “I love you too My Master, you are my everything.” I sat for a moment just smiling when a gentleman walked over and asked if he could sit in the sofa across from me. “Of course,” I said smiling. I looked for John’s number on my phone and pressed call. I got up and walked to where there were no people around. “Hello?” “Hi Master John, I giggled.” “Hello slut! How are you? Where are you? Are you getting on the plane yet?” I laughed at his questions and replied, “I’m in the Koru Club lounge. It won’t be long before we start to board.” In a higher voice, “Master John you won’t believe my day, OH MY GOSH! You knew all this time and you didn’t tell me!!!”  Master John was silent. “Well?” I said. “Your Master asked me not to tell you, and because he was letting you come, I agreed.” “Oh I understand that, thank you Master John, I’m quite nervous you know.” “You will be fine,” Master John said. “I promise to look after you.” “I know Master John; I am looking forward to seeing you.” The call for boarding came over the speaker and I said good bye to Master John. I walked over to where I was sitting to collect my bag and looked at the gentleman who had sat down by me. He smiled and put his hand out to shake my hand. “My name is Robert.” he said. “Hi Robert, I’m Taatiana.” We walked together to the gate and were ushered through to our cabin, Robert was in a seat in front of me and the one next to me was empty for the duration of the flight. I got comfortable in my seat and put my belt on ready for take-off. Sarah stopped at my seat. “Everything OK Ms Smith?” she asked. Everything is perfect Sarah, thank you. Sarah please call me Taatiana.” I said to her. “Taatiana, what a beautiful name.” She said and walked to the front of the cabin. After the cabin crew had done their safety instructions and we watched the video of what to do in case of an emergency, the plane started to taxi down the runway. My heart was beating fast knowing that at the end of this trip I would be with Master John. Lost in my thoughts about how my day started; My Master dropping me at the airport, what happened Sydney, my ‘task’ I had to complete on the flight and what was about to happen in Toronto. I took a deep breath and I smiled. I was looking around the cabin to see who was in there to help me with my ‘task’ and felt the plane lift off the ground. A young man across the aisle caught my eye and smiled. I smiled back and decided I would ask him. I settled as the plane kept climbing and turned on the screen to see what movies were available. Robert turned around in his seat and smiled: “That’s a beautiful collar you’re wearing Taatiana, your Master must love you very much,” he said. To be continued … big thank you to my friends for encouraging me to continue writing hope you liked it ...

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